Chapter 1 Finished….sorta

So, translating this first chapter has been quite an edifying experience I think. It took me a bit to get the hang of things and the keigo…BUT, I finished the translation on the train, so once I get some free time I’ll clean it up and upload ASAP. If there is anyone following, I again thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy it. So far, it’s interesting and a little creepy.



Part 1: Chapter 1 Progress

Sorry for the delay. I have 70% of chapter 1 translated. There are some layout and naming issues I would like to hammer out before posting. I thank you for remaining patient.  (Maybe I can do some more translation on the train…we shall see)


This Project is Completed

Progress Bar:

PDF Progress: 100% (Last Updated 01/22/14)

Thank you everyone for your patience. The PDF is finally available for Sugar Dark, which brings this light novel to a close. Once again I’d like to thank Hantsuki for all his hard work with the edits. I’d also like to thank those involved with finishing the PDF, and of course Nanodesu for hosting the site. But most importantly, I’d like to thank the readers. Without you all, it would have been difficult to find the motivation to keep on translating during those beyond humid summer days on the crowded Japanese subways.

If you’d like to read more works by great translators, head over to the main page, Nanodesu Translations

And if you’re interested in my next project, take a look at Rokka no Yuusha.


Part 1: Chapter 1 Current Progress

I am working on the translation, but unfortunately the slave masters at my work limit my free time. Expect chapter one to be completed by Monday at the latest.


Welcome to the ND Group’s Seventh Translation Project: Sugar Dark!

Zero Ender will be taking over this newest translation project, which will be of the award-winning novel Sugar Dark! We are all very excited that he is joining our team, and hope that everyone will show him lots of love and support as he delves into and translates what promises to be a deeply interesting novel.

I now turn the site completely over to Zero Ender. Best of luck to the Sugar Dark team!


PS: Remember that if you would like to work with Zero Ender and edit this project, please follow the instructions here.