About This Translation

Welcome to SugarDark the Translation. This site contains the NanoDesu Translations English version of the light novel Sugar Dark, and the head translator for this project is Zero Ender.

Sugar Dark Back Cover Summary

The 14th annual Sneaker’s Literary Grand Prize Winner!!

Due to a false accusation, the boy Muoru was arrested and sent to a remote public cemetery where he must dig grave holes every night. Yet, one night he meets Meria, a girl who calls herself the grave keeper. Muoru finds himself drawn to this girl. However, a mysterious child named Crow soon tells him that “mankind’s natural enemies, the undying monsters known as The Dark are supposed to be buried within the graves he is digging.” Muoru was confused, but what was worse, did he just witness Meria get killed by The Dark?

 Sugar Dark Team Biographies

Project Leader and Translator – Zero Ender:

It may be hard to believe judging from his appearance, but Zero (henceforth known as Lord Ender…kidding), is not really into anime, manga, or Otaku culture. Sure, there are a few precious gems out there, but overall the concept of animated characters does not generally appeal to him. However, he is a lover of stories and has privately created his own worlds since a young age (sometimes he even visits them). Perhaps that is why he was captivated by Japan and its robust variety of tales and adventures. Yet, this will be his first time translating works of this length so please, wish him luck!

Hantsuki avatarSupervisor and Editor – Hantsuki:

I am writing this letter to expose the true corrupt nature of Nano and the abominable infestation many call “NanoDesu Translations”.

I am reaching out to whoever is reading this. Please help me.
My name is unknown to many, but most call me Hantsuki. How did I get that name? Well, it involves a story about a hospitalized tsundere girl…

Anyways, I was sent by the CIA to go undercover and find out the possible threat that Nano may bring in the future. Yes, Nano is an evil man.
He assassinated many great figures in history (like my puppy, my goldfish, and my imaginary friend).
According to my sources, he kidnaps people and brings them to his cave, and unspeakable horrors occur in there. When the kidnapped person comes out, he becomes a brainwashed translator for Nano.
Which leads to one hypothesis: he uses translators to do his evil bidding.

To get inside his secret lair, I disguised myself as an applying editor. Fortunately, I got hired even though I have little knowledge about the English language and its ridiculousness.
Much to my dismay, he saw through all of that. Apparently CIA is infested with Nano’s goons. He saw through my genius disguise (I was wearing a pizza delivery guy uniform). Safety? That’s a word you will never ever use again once you meet Nano.

His translators apprehended me, gave me the nickname Pantsuki, and tortured me for years. They also considered brainwashing me, but my mental fortitude proved to be a strong barrier to break (Rika, you saved me!).
Right now, I found a way to escape, but I’m running out of time. Oh no, I think they found me…


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