Character/ Place names

For anyone reading: I’m wondering how I should translate one of the Katakana names in this novel. I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have.

ダリベードル “Daribeddoru”



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6 thoughts on “Character/ Place names

  1. Delibedir, maybe?

    It’d be useful to figure out if it’s based on something in mythology or something from history. Or at least, to pinpoint a language of origin or something.

  2. check mangahere if you need naming help, the sugar dark manga has been translated, but I believe the light novel has extra arcs besides the one in the manga, and I would love to read it in light novel form

    • Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know about Mangahere. Looking at the manga though, a lot brighter and less ominous. It’s interesting the changes that happen over mediums.

  3. The author seems to like making plays on their names, comparing them with something.
    Like Muol is a slightly off mispronunciation of Mole (ムオル, Muoru, compared to モール, Mooru).
    Meria, with Melia being a variation of a tree (which going by the manga is important). Also Latin.
    Karasu just straight up being another word for “crow” and he even explains his hair is like crow feathers.

    Granted that doesn’t make ダリベードル make any easier. So here’s a random guess that may inspire something. Looking into the gratuitous Latin route, “dari” is the act of performing an action, so doing something.
    Vedar (pronounced veder, which can be derived from ベードル) is Latin for impeding or prohibiting, which suits him. So his name would be a play on Latin for “Impeding”. Which would make it Darived(a/e)r, with the “a” or “e” being optional or something if we go along with the spelling names differently theme.
    Granted this IS all from Wiktionary and I have no real knowledge of Latin.

    • Wow, that’s quite the comment. Thanks for all the suggestions. Yeah, after translating the part where he calls himself a “battleground mole” I started to get the idea of Mole. However,it does seem strange to refer to a character in English as Mole. I’ll think about it.

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