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PDF Progress: 100% (Last Updated 01/22/14)

Thank you everyone for your patience. The PDF is finally available for Sugar Dark, which brings this light novel to a close. Once again I’d like to thank Hantsuki for all his hard work with the edits. I’d also like to thank those involved with finishing the PDF, and of course Nanodesu for hosting the site. But most importantly, I’d like to thank the readers. Without you all, it would have been difficult to find the motivation to keep on translating during those beyond humid summer days on the crowded Japanese subways.

If you’d like to read more works by great translators, head over to the main page, Nanodesu Translations

And if you’re interested in my next project, take a look at Rokka no Yuusha.


Sugar Dark PDF and ePub

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, but now the ePub version is avaiable for download, too! Enjoy!


Hi everyone. It took a while, but finally the PDF version of Sugar Dark is avaiable! Enjoy!


– Whitesora

Translating slowdown

Hello everyone. I’m sorry for the delay with my translations. I swear I’m working on them everyday. But my only time to do any quality translating is during my train commute to and from work, so I have very little computer time to edit. I also enrolled in a school and that’s sucking up a lot of my free time.

However Chapter 3 is translated, I just need to edit it and then you can enjoy more awkwardness with Muoru and Meria.


Thanks again,


Chapter 4-2

So, 4-2 has been translated. It was much easier than 4-1, so all I need to do is proofread it and run it by Hantsuki. Expect to see it soon.


Chapter 2 Part 2 Progress

Chapter 2 is translated, I just need to type it and clean it up with my editor. It should be done in a few days. Oh, and be prepared for some serious love at first sight stuff. It’s a little cliche, but then again you know how Japanese can be with their melodrama. The different ways Muoru calls the girl beautiful are just….embarrassing. 

Chapter 2: Part 1 is UP!

Chapter 2: Part 1 is up. Thank you for your patience. I would also like to thank my editor Hantsuki for cleaning it up super quickly.

Chapter 2 Part 1 Progress

I’ve translated half the chapter, about the same length as Chapter 1. I had to do a lot of translating on the train with salarymen squished all around me and ojisans/ obasans baffled that I was reading Japanese. Anywho, should have it edited and typed by the end of the week.

Character/ Place names

For anyone reading: I’m wondering how I should translate one of the Katakana names in this novel. I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have.

ダリベードル “Daribeddoru”



Chapter 1 Finished….sorta

So, translating this first chapter has been quite an edifying experience I think. It took me a bit to get the hang of things and the keigo…BUT, I finished the translation on the train, so once I get some free time I’ll clean it up and upload ASAP. If there is anyone following, I again thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy it. So far, it’s interesting and a little creepy.


Part 1: Chapter 1 Progress

Sorry for the delay. I have 70% of chapter 1 translated. There are some layout and naming issues I would like to hammer out before posting. I thank you for remaining patient.  (Maybe I can do some more translation on the train…we shall see)